Aman Mittal, a software developer is also a tech writer who has gotten over 1 Million views on Medium(Online publishing platform). He has written over 150+ articles and tutorials for 25 developer publications and organizational blogs. In this interview, he shares his experience and how anyone can become a tech

Danny Thompson, a software engineer who went beyond coding and reached community at large to help anyone and everyone to get oneself tech ready. From organizing google meetups to delivering speech in a room full of prisoners, here is the story he shared with us! Hello, please introduce yourself to

Stas Klymenko, is a recruiter from Ukraine, who works hard to transition his career to a full-stack developer. He intends to use his recruitment knowledge to help any developers to get a job. With his friend, they will create a platform where it will be much easier to find a

Joseph Ingram likes to read success stories of other entrepreneurs and he has read lot of them. Finally he decides to taste the waters with his eCommerce website.Here is the story he shared with us! Hello Joseph, can you introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Joseph Ingram. I