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How passion to write combined with love for technology lead this dev to gain mastery at tech blogging.

Aman Mittal, a software developer is also a tech writer who has gotten over 1 Million views on Medium(Online publishing platform). He has written over 150+ articles and tutorials for 25 developer publications and organizational blogs. In this interview, he shares his experience and how anyone can become a tech writer.

Hi, please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, I am Aman Mittal, I am a software developer from India with a background in Computer Science and currently working as an independent contract developer. I like working with the JavaScript ecosystem and have experience working with Nodejs, React and React Native. I am quite enthusiastic about React Native and Expo these days.I also love sharing what I know and have been doing that with tech blog posts and tutorials.

Your exhaustive contents on medium got 1 Million plus views,what inspired you to become a tech writer?

Yes, I started using Medium as the platform to write almost three years back. Now, along with Medium, I have my own blog hosted. The ability to note what I learned and share with online audiences wasn’t a realization I came up with from the start. I am passionate about writing from early days and have been writing blogs in other areas.

When I started working, I wanted to write blog posts so that I could read them again. Learning in tech, especially in web development, can be overwhelming, and sometimes putting things down is a good way to record and remind yourself to be accountable for what you are up to. At the time, I didn’t realize people are going to read my blog post and find them useful.

How was your experience while designing course for Zeolearn?

It was a great experience. While working with the Zeolearn editorial team, I learned a lot about what goes on when creating a course and how to make decisions as to what to include in a course and what to exclude, keeping in mind that the audience of the course does not get overwhelmed midway through the course. That said, when you are working on designing a course, you have to link all the modules and make actual sense of it. Despite the many resources online, there is no consistent path. API documentation gets thoroughly annotated, but when creating a course, I had to keep that in mind.

The course was about Node.js targeted toward the beginner programmer who has a background in JavaScript.

How difficult or easy is it to become a tech writer? Can an average developer be a tech writer ?

I personally don’t think there is an easy or difficult thing about tech writing or any other mode of content creation. If you are pursuing it for a long time, you are still going to face challenges just like any other type of work, whether you do it for professional reasons or not.

That said, creating content is about sharing experiences in your own unique way. No two blog posts are going to be the same even though the topic or the summary of each, might overlap at some point. We both might have two different blogposts about explaining a “how-to” using the same framework or tool but the overall approach of each post is going to be different since we have different perspectives when writing it. Working as a developer, writing a blog post or sharing something through a video or a live stream gives you an opportunity to learn something that has a specific amount of value to you.

Touring round the world

Does your day job makes your writing harder? How do you keep up with it?

Yes and no. Well, my day job need its full time and whatever time after that I get these days, I try to spend on writing blog posts. I mostly set out specific number of hours each weekday to work on blog posts and tutorial demos and then on weekends I have more time to work on them. There is an amount of distraction that occur because of overlapping between the two in my daily routine that I struggle with, as my day job does require working with things that I am not writing about.

Have you thought of monetizing your work ?

I constantly work with tech publications that pay me to write and share my content under their publications. Most of these publications are either using the specific tech stack I write about or are an online publication that cover various technologies.

Lets talk about your open source projects. Can you let us know which one is your favorite and why?

I have done following projects:

Expo-firebase-starter: Based on latest Expo SDK, provides a quicker way to start with Expo + Firebase projects.
Gatsby-bulma-quickstart: A quick Way to bootstrap your next Gatsby + Bulma site.
100DaysOfCode : Twitter bot for #100DaysOfCode community hosted by freeCodeCamp.
ProjectEuler100 : Twitter bot for #ProjectEuler100 community hosted by freeCodeCamp.
AWSCertifiedBot : Twitter bot for #AWSCertified community hosted by freeCodeCamp.

Well, there aren’t many but my favorite is the Twitter bot for #100DaysOfCode which is now a part of freeCodeCamp . The reason because it was my first project that I put it out. I started my career as a Node.js developer while doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter. I had just learned how to read and update streams using the Twitter API in Node.js and thought it would be a fun project to work on. Everyone using the same hashtag and then it might become easier for others doing the same challenge to find others. I proposed my idea to the founder of #100DaysOfCode hashtag Alex Kallaway, awesome guy and friend, and he too thought it would be fun. So I created a bot 100DaysOfCode which eventually became a part of the freeCodeCamp community, we still maintain it on a private server and it had a big following last time I checked.

Any new project you are working currently?

I recently updated a starter kit for Expo and Firebase to their latest SDK, will be adding more features or some more updates to use latest libraries. It is basically a bit opinionated way to integrate Firebase with Expo SDK to create React Native apps and with form validation. It started it as a part of the blog post series I was doing last year but then I open sourced the code for other React Native developers who are getting started with Expo development kit and looking forward to use Firebase backend service. I am very much thankful to the Expo developer team to making this starter kit a part of Expo community.

Any advise you want to give our readers?

I would like to say that don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to do in a dev job and the same goes for those who are getting started or pursuing the world of web development. Keep doing what you’ve been doing, on a consistent basis. There’s a lot of effort goes on but with time you get better. We doubt ourselves, but to deal with it is to keep doing what you have indulged yourself into. You also create things and put them out there. You would be surprise that how your creation may leave an impact on others someday.

Thank you so much Aman for having this great interview with us!

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