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Transition from recruiter to a developer.

Stas Klymenko, is a recruiter from Ukraine, who works hard to transition his career to a full-stack developer. He intends to use his recruitment knowledge to help any developers to get a job. With his friend, they will create a platform where it will be much easier to find a job for developers of any level.

First of all thank you for having interview with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Stas. I’m from Ukraine. I studied as a translator, got a Masters degree. At this moment I’m working as a recruiter and looking forward to become a Full-Stack Developer.

What is your role as recruiter and how does a average day looks as a recruiter?

My job is easy and hard at the same time. In general, I have some opening from a company and i need to find a good candidate to fill it. The hard part is that most of the time it’s not easy to find this exact person that will fit perfectly for the employer. Every day may be different. But usually you have to spent a lot of time on searching people on different platforms, screening their background, filtering all candidates. A lot of work with people and data.

Agree, finding right candidates is a tough job. How is it had been in total?

If we are talking about pure experience – a year in this company. I had similar things before on a freelance basis, but not counting it as a professional experience. My main experience is in copy-writing. I was a freelance copywriter for 10 years.

What inspired you to learn a full stack development?

Being Full-Stack is like being an artist, an architect or a just a kid. You can create literally anything you want from nothing. As I always have project ideas, programming can help me to make them live.I really like to create new things. One of my goals is to start a online project that will also cover my financial needs so I could spent more time helping other people.

Since you don’t have a CS degree, how are you pursuing to be a dev?

CS degree is not important nowadays. Your skills is what the employers usually need. Just for a readers that may think they couldn’t be a dev without CS degree. YOU CAN! Yeah, I’m using different sources for learning. Currently I’m passing FreeCodeCamp curriculum, also learned on LinkedIn Learning, Udacity, edx and other platforms. Also, one of the projects I’m working on right now is a database of learning sources and useful tools for developers with user friendly interface, filtering and even gamification things. I’m not visiting bootcamps as there are 0 of them in my city but I’m looking to visit several developer conferences this year.

From your twitter profile, it looks like you love to post different job openings. So will you be doing project to develop a job portal?

Me and a few developers from twitter have an idea to create some platform to help other developers to find a job. It will not be ‘just another job portal’ but something really useful. Actually, I was surprised of how much people on twitter ready to help others. That’s amazing!

You help many people with #Devhelp , can you explain more about it?

#Devhelp is my personal challenge. Every developer can write me and ask any question about hiring, can also send me CV/LinkedIn/GitHub for a review. I’m giving a descriptive answers and advice. I’m trying to answer at least 3 people a day, but I was ill and my challenge was paused for some time. At this moment I’ve answered about 30 people and will continue the challenge as long as I will have time for this. Usually I spent about 20 minutes for one person.

Appreciate your efforts Stas, anything you want to add or say to our readers?

What is really awesome is the developers community. People are open to discuss, to help each other, to teach for free, etc. I love developers in twitter. They are all like a big-big family.
Just want to say that everyone who need help can write me in DM and I will do my best to give an advice.Thank you guys for a great interview.

Thanks for the interview!

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